Beautiful Beige or Boring Beige

25th Feb 2014

Beautiful Beige or Boring Beige

 'Silversand', our Beige Mohair Blanket is one of our most consistent sellers. Some think beige is boring and safe, and a little dull.

Take a look at some of these stunning neutral spaces. The combination of cream and beige is classic and luxurious. Add in a Cream or beige mohair throw and you end up with the designer touch that pulls the whole look together.  

These images feature  throws from the 'Everyday Luxury range' in either Ivory or Silversand. 

Forget boring beige - this is definitely beautiful beige.

beige throw blanket

Beige Mohair Blanket

Silversand (Beige Mohair Throw) & Ivory (Creamy White Mohair Throw)