Terrific Turquoise Mohair Throw Blankets

Terrific Turquoise Mohair Throw Blankets

4th Mar 2014

Turquoise is a terrific color. It can be restful hue, or can carry some real punch, when used in depth and combined with other bolder colors. We have seen in used in so many ways:

  • Casually draped lighter turquoise mohair throws can add a simple elegance to a bedroom
  • Turquoise and browns can balance each other beautifully
  • Stronger Turquoise Mohair blankets can pull a punch when combined with a lovely yellow. 

If you need inspiration on how to use turquoise, you will find inspiration here, from a fellow lover of all things turquoise, Erin from The House of Turquoise

Our collection of single color mohair throw blankets includes a really fabulous 'Turquoise' and more stunning blue throw blankets. These are all available in either as smaller mohair knee rugs, or as standard sized mohair throw blankets.

Turquoise Throw Blanket