Rich Red Accents

Rich Red Accents

10th Mar 2014

Red. Scarlet. Crimson. 

Beautiful bold red is a a dramatic color that throws a punch where-ever it is found. When used in interior decorating, a little goes a long way. Take a couple of red throw blankets or cushions and you will instantly transform a space, and make a statement. In this home, red mohair blankets add extra drama to these beautiful sumptuous spaces. 

Autumn Red Throw blankets

If you would like a clearer, brighter red, consider 'Scarlet from our 'Designer Hues' collection, or for a red with a hint of pink, take a look at 'Ruby' also from our 'Designer Hues' collection or 'Tamarind' for a deep rich red. We are happy to provide thread samples to  help you find the best match.

Autumn Red Mohair blankets add drama

Red Mohair Throw