Why choose  a Mohair Throw Blanket ?

24th Mar 2016

Why choose a Mohair Throw Blanket ?

Our Mohair Blankets are magical. A wonderful natural product in exquisite colors woven into  sumptuous luxurious mohair throw blankets. 

New Zealand is a faraway country famed for its outstanding natural beauty, and all those sheep. But mohair comes not from sheep, but instead it is a luxurious fiber farmed from Angora goats. 

The exquisite downy finish on the mohair throw blankets we sell is generated by an ancient  manufacturing process. The centuries old brushing technique using dried teasels of the thistle plant and creates mohair blankets that are exceptionally light and downy. 

The exquisite hues of the resulting blankets, and their fabulous soft feel are not the only reasons to choose a mohair blanket. It is such an amazing fiber with fabulous features including:

  • Mohair gives superb insulation, so our blankets are incredibly warm yet light;
  • Mohair is durable,  strong and resilient, meaning luxury that will last a lifetime;
  • Mohair is non-irritating, so it does not have the "itch" factor some people can experience with a wool blanket;
  • Mohair takes dye exceptionally well, giving fade-resistant, deep lustrous colors; and
  • Mohair is naturally flame resistant

You may pay a little more to experience the luxuriousness of mohair, but as the saying goes..."quality remains long after the price is forgotten"